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Local Naples & Marco Fishing Knowledge

Growing up in Naples on or near the water, I have had a passion for fishing my entire life. As I matured and as an angler, I realized that guiding was what I wanted to do. What I enjoy most about my profession is teaching anglers of all ages new things.

I love to explain why the fish are congregating in a certain area or eating a certain bait, and patiently show them the best techniques to catching them. When our trip ends I want my customers to have not only caught fish, but to have learned why they caught them.

Southwest Florida is filled with an extraordinary system of bays, creeks, passes and man-made structures, all of which hold fish at one time or another. Figuring out when and where the fish are going to be is what I constantly work at perfecting. I’m not the type of guide that provides the “catch fish or your money back” guarantee to his clients as I find this to be unnecessary and somewhat insulting.

There is a difference between catching any type fish and targeting certain species. My trips are tailored to my clients wants & needs so that catching their species of choice becomes my priority.

If my client does not have a species of choice or is new to fishing in the SW Florida area, then I happily use my expertise to search for the game fish that are most active during that time of year.